5 Tips For Onsite Storage

A mobile storage container is like having your own storage facility located right in your driveway. It’s a popular option for storage during renovation because it provides you with the ability to completely clear items out of your home while also maintaining the flexibility and convenience of having those items on hand whenever you need them.
1. Do Your Research
Just like if you were selecting a moving company or offsite storage , you’ll want to do a bit of research to find the best fit for your needs. Look at the various options available to you and choose the best portable storage company that offers the size, cost, and delivery availability that make the most sense given what you are trying to accomplish.
2. Consider the Size of the Unit Needed
Make sure not to skimp on size, especially if you’re planning on storing furniture between moves. It is better to order a container that might be a little bigger than you need, just in case.
3. Check if you need permission from your HOA or town/village.
if you’re remodeling a townhome or condo, you will probably need permission from the home owners association for onsite storage to keep it in your driveway or the building parking lot. Your town or village rules may also be a consideration moving forward. Be sure to get the necessary permissions ahead of time so you don’t waste time or money.
4. Protect Your Belongings
Invest in a heavy-duty lock for your container.
5. How Long Do You Need It?
The length of time your portable storage container stays on your property is up to you.