3 Reasons Portable Storage Is Better Than Renting A Storage Unit

So, you’ve been in your home in North Carolina for five, ten, or maybe even twenty years now. In all this time, you have accumulated a lot of stuff, right? Now your home is being taken over and you may be looking for a way to make your space more livable and clear out some of that clutter! It is a lot of work to opt for the storage unit across town to declutter your home and you may end up making multiple trips to get everything there. Another way to handle the overflow is to get a portable storage container delivered to you so you can sort it all out right there at your convenience. This is the better option for three important reasons.

1. Making Space for a Better Organization Method.

It is harder to enjoy your home if you have excess household items getting in the way.  It may be easier to declutter if you can move items into a portable storage space so you can create a more organized method for decluttering. With a portable storage container on your property, you can go through container, boxes, and bags at your convenience. Best of all, those items will be close at hand while you decide how you will reorganize.

2. You Have the Control.

Many storage facilities have access restrictions regarding time, who can access the units, and what can be stored. With a portable storage unit right outside on your property, you have the power to decide what goes in, what comes out, when it happens, and who can get in it. There are no codes to get on storage facility grounds other than maybe your actual unit lock combination, you won’t need special permission for access. You won’t have to remember a complicated code to enter the grounds and you won’t have to get permission to access your unit anytime you want to. If it is in your driveway, you are the only person who controls access to that unit. This means there will be no worries about unwanted entrance into your unit.

3. They Are Weatherproof and UV Ray Protected

Water and UV rays are some of the biggest threats to stored items. It can ruin fabrics, wood furniture, photos, artwork and may other items in no time. Any spaces with a chance of moisture buildup will be a risk for your belongings. No matter how much the sun shines, or if it rains or snows, a steel portable storage container will keep your belongings shaded, dry, and safe. You can have the confidence every time you open it to put something in or take an item out, it will be in the same condition in which you left it.

If your home is in need of decluttering, remodeling, or staging to put on the market, Triangle Mobile Storage would be happy to help!