5 Reasons to Use Mobile Storage During a Move

If you have gone through a move on your own before, you would believe that moving is consistently rated one of life’s most stressful events. It is ranked up there with divorce, job loss, and even the death of a loved one. The purpose of this blog is to give you the knowledge to make your move less stressful. There are so many strategies to simplify this process and Triangle Mobile Storage would be thrilled to assist you with success!

1.     Staging – If your realtor wants you to stage your home, it is important to have an option to create more space by organizing rooms, minimizing décor & furnishings, and removing personal items. You may even need to move out of the house to stage from scratch. Leverage temporary storage when staging your home.

2.     Downsizing – Are you moving to a smaller space than your current home? Moving your belongings to a new space can be an overwhelming process. If you have your own mobile storage, you will have an opportunity to place those items you want moved into its own space while you figure out what to do with the rest.

3.     Short term-living arrangement – Finding yourself feeling stuck in the transition of moving homes in a temporary living situation like staying with family, short term rental, or hotel? Having a mobile storage option for all your belongings can make this transition much less stressful.

4.     Planning your new home layout – It can be tough to visualize your new home with boxes, furniture, decorations, etc. To get your real vision for your new home regarding the design and the space, it would also be extremely helpful to have temporary mobile storage to ensure less clutter and provide you with the opportunity for a more streamlined unpacking strategy.

5.     Storing newly purchased furnishings – To achieve desirable interior design and décor, it is helpful to have temporary mobile storage. It is much easier to achieve a desirable outcome if you have a place to put these items while you plan your new home space.

Triangle Mobile Storage provides the flexibility to bring that storage right to you so you can decide what needs to be moved out to make your home look more like what could be a buyer’s home. We also offer on site storage if you are unable to keep a unit on your property prior to moving to your new location whether staying with family or somewhere you do not have space to keep the unit.

Keep in mind, we only provide service to the triangle area, but we have the best rates around for the largest units at 8’x 8’ x 20’ as we provide flexibility & personalized service to meet your needs! We want to make one of your most stressful times much easier with our mobile storage solutions.